VegVit + Opti3

A combination of VegVit + Opti3 provides the ultimate daily Vegetarian and Vegan supplement regime. If we could have squeezed them together into one product, we would have done, but it would have been one heck of a tablet or capsule!!

Combined formulas: Taking the daily doses of 1 x VegVit tablet and 2 x Opti3 capsules will provide the body with:

• 26 vitamins and minerals
• 300mg EPA
• 500mg DHA
• 10mcg plant-source Vegan Vitamin D3
• Superfood complex

Ask your Health Practitioner or Nutritionist and they will agree this is possibly the perfect daily supplement regime!

Vitamin D3 level Both VegVit and Opti3 contain small doses (5mcg each) of Vitamin D3. This is in-line with the recommended daily amounts in many regions including Europe, however it is widely recognised that higher levels are required by many, especially Vegans and Vegetarians. Therefore the combination of VegVit + Opti3 provides 10mcg (400iu), which is a fantastic daily dose. For those seeking higher doses, we do of course have our Vitashine products, which are purely Vitamin D3.